Real Coconut Water
Doesn't Come in a Bottle.

It Comes in a Coconut!

By refusing to remove the water from the coconut we safeguard its authentic taste and nutrition.
Besides, when you take the water out of the coconut and put it into man-made containers everything that makes it
so uniquely delicious and good for you is compromised. We have a better idea...

Ingeniously Simple to Open!

No tools needed

Mother Nature knows best! Coconut water stays in its shell until you’re ready to enjoy. We made it convenient to consume what’s inside the coconut without altering its natural essence. By removing the green heavy husk that surrounds the nut, we exposed the “soft eye” on top of its shell.

We marked this spot, so just insert our specially crafted bamboo straw in and easily reach the delicious coconut water. Now relax and sip in the extraordinary taste of paradise! Enjoy extra cold or semi-frozen slushy.


Next, the delicious coconut meat is waiting for you inside. Hit the shell on any hard surface and it will crack in half right around the incision. And then pull apart the split shells to fully open into two perfect bowls. Voilà! Now take your spoon and dig in to enjoy the nature’s raw goodness. And once you’re done, don’t worry about any plastic waste. Empty shells are compostable or reusable as salad bowls, plant pots, and more.

Problems with
Processed Coconut Water

  • bar Pasteurization
  • bar Additives
  • bar No Coconut Meat
  • bar Packaging Waste

Problems with
“Diamond Cut” Whole Coconuts

  • bar Hard To Open
  • bar Bulky To Carry
  • bar Long Shipping
  • bar Stale Taste

The Magic is in
the Coconut Meat!

Awesomeness you can’t experience with bottles and cans - they trash it. The coconut meat contains the beneficial coconut oil, all unprocessed! It is full of medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) which are metabolized differently than most fats. From the digestive tract, they go straight to the liver to be used as a quick source of energy.

Plus, it’s packed with high amounts of dietary fiber, manganese, potassium, and copper! Make coconut flour for baking or give your smoothies and cooking extra creaminess and nutrition. You can also store it frozen for later use.

bar "A mouthwatering frenzy...
Best part? No plastic waste!"
Eat Healthy

Part of our profits go to
clean up oceans from plastics


Freshness & Nutrition


Our coconuts are flash frozen immediately after harvesting to keep them fresh and preserve their full nutrition. Our freezing innovation allows you to have the exact authentic coconut experience as people in tropical countries. No pasteurization, no preservatives, none of that unnecessary stuff. And that’s what makes Cocorilla radically different and distinctly yummier!

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Not All Coconuts
Are the Same

With Over 400 Unique Varieties in 32 Countries,
Discover the World’s Finest Coconuts!


Like the finest coffee, wine and chocolate, coconuts have a flavour and aroma that’s a unique blend of soil conditions, weather, and environment. Once you’ve found the perfect recipe of climate, nutrients, and cultivation, you must choose the most advantageous time of harvesting. That’s the magic to capturing coconut water at the height of its delicious intoxication.

Let’s start your adventure to the amazing world of coconuts with the infamous "Nam Hom" from Thailand. A distinctly sweet flavour with an exquisite aroma that dances and enlivens your senses. You've never had a more satisfying, thirst quenching experience like this before.



We’ve Totally
Reimagined the Coconut!

From our farms in Thailand
shipped straight to your door.

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